Your success = our success. This is the motto at Norscan. Some of our clients are large companies while others are taking their first steps in business. SEO can help you to propel your business to new heights and attract and keep new clients.

Why go for Norscan? Because we care. We take the time to study your business, we ask you questions and aim to understand what you want to achieve. Then, we help you to achieve exactly that. No need for our vision. Your vision is what matters.

SEO consultation

Initial SEO analysis along with a roadmap to SEO success


SEO maintenance

SEO is a pill that your business needs to take regularly


Social media presence

SEO and social media go hand in hand. Social media makes finding you even easier.



We are going to have a lot of coffee together. Why so? Because we like coffee and, probably, you do as well. Also, SEO requires a lot of communication so we can ask you questions and implement your answers into what we are going to do.

SEO needs experimenting and feedback. We experiment, you give us feedback. You talk, we listen and take notes. This way we make sure you receive exactly what you need - spectacular results.

SEO consultation

We make some coffee and you talk. We take notes and begin to implement the plans needed for your business to succeed.

SEO implementation

What you have said to us and has been implemented begins to bear fruit. We provide you the results.

SEO feedback

We make some more coffee and you tell us what you like and what you would like to have improved. We fine tune the implementation.

SEO maintenance

Once your results are optimal, we make sure they stay that way. We work behind the scenes so you can focus on your daily business.


Your website needs help to make it to the 1st page on Google? SEO can do that.

You need to attract new customers to expand the business? Yes, SEO can do that.

You have new products and need to attract attention to them? Sure, SEO can do that.

Talk to us, we would love to show how Norscan can be of help to your business.


Thanks to Norscan, we have attracted much new business that we really needed. We could focus on our main business while Norscan did their part and brought new clients to us.


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